Workin’ on a Sunday

Since we were skiing in Mammoth on Monday and Tuesday I’m making up time at work on a Sunday afternoon. I’m exhausted and my house is a hideous wreck, but the trip was great. It was probably the last time we’ll get to go skiing until next winter since a trip to the southern hemisphere is out of the question (though we did look at flights to Buenos Aires since it’s a short hop from there to Las Lenas…). Even if we had the money I don’t think I could get the additional time off work since we’re already going to Myrtle Beach for a week in June and I’ll be taking a few days to go see my dad’s side of the family in July up in Tahoe.

We did have car trouble on the way home; we have been plagued by vehicular challenges this winter when we drive to go skiing! The alternator was problematic and we got (briefly) stranded in Kramer Junction (a truck stop on the 395). Fortunately we got a jump and made it home, but Luke had a panicked moment where he asked if we would make it home! Poor kid; the first time we drove to go skiing this year we get in a wreck and the car gets totaled. This time we get stranded. I bet next winter he’ll request that we only go skiing in places to which we can fly since there was no such trouble in Jackson!

Skiing was fabulous, even if the conditions were definitely “spring”. Luke had some trouble when we first took him mid-mountain; it was still a green run but it was a bit more difficult than the beginner section where he’d been. By the end of the second day we had him happily going mid-mountain and we even took him down a blue run. Granted it was the easiest blue run on the mountain, but still! Progress!

I got in a little late today because I took a detour to buy a piano. A friend’s husband sells pianos and he gave me a fabulous deal on a used piano. I think it was this one (that or the 245; I’ll know for sure tomorrow when it is delivered). I haven’t played in years but I used to be fairly good. I can’t wait to play again!

I went to a stitching get-together yesterday up at Sue’s house. It was great fun; I never can believe how quickly the time passes at these things! I rode up with Nancy and we took our boys with us. They were great and played with Debi’s daughter which meant I actually got some stitching done in brief bits between looking at everyone’s work.

I haven’t been walking at all since we’ve been home. This week has been so busy between recovering from the trip, soccer, and church activities. I’ll be working some late hours this week to try and make up for the trip but I don’t mind. Except for the drama at church life is good right now!


3 Responses to “Workin’ on a Sunday”

  1. Karen Says:

    Sounds like a very nice trip, minus the car trouble, of course. Your visit with Sue sounds like it was great, too!

  2. Christine Says:

    Lovely piano! Enjoy playing it again. I took lessons for a few years as a kid but never had an appreciation for it. I wish now that I did!

    Sorry to hear you had trouble on the way back from your trip but I’m glad the skiing was good!

  3. Glenda Says:

    Congrats on the piano!! I love hearing my DH play. It makes the house sound so cheerful.

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