A Small Bit of Good Car News

Thank you for all of the comments, and thank you Mouldfan for your legal insight. Yes, the police report indicates that the drive who hit us was at fault, what with his breaking the law by driving down the marked off area, and all. Not that the insurance company cares what the police report says. Our lawyer has a copy of it and is doing what he can; hopefully it will work out in the end.

We did manage to purchase a replacement vehicle today at lunch; it is a Subaru Outback and nearly identical to the Legacy that we had (but a little more geared towards off-roading, I guess). It is one year newer and has 10,000 fewer miles. Fortunately my credit cards are generally paid off, so I put half of it on the card and the other half is financed, interest free, for one year. If the insurance company pays us anything then I’ll use that to pay the card off. Otherwise it will get transferred to our equity line and paid off as quickly as possible. Our finances are not as bleak as I’d figured since several things will be paid off this year (student loans in just a few more months…four years early, yay!). Also, my car passed smog yesterday so I’ll hold onto it for another two years (though the clutch needs some work). It’s been paid off for 3.5 years and, with my average driving distance of five miles per day, it should easily last awhile longer as long as I don’t get hit by some dumbass. I have found since the accident that I am far more accutely aware of how other people are driving around me. I am convinced that the majority of the people in my area shouldn’t be driving; people are idiots.

Well, this is just a quick entry as I’m on my way to the chiropractor. I saw my x-rays on Monday and no wonder my neck and back are bothering me; the curvature in my neck is gone and, in fact, it’s bent back in the other direction. I hope it doesn’t take a long time to correct it.

I walked another two miles last night and I am hoping to start walking home for lunch again next week. I just want everything to be back to normal again; I am so done with all the drama.


2 Responses to “A Small Bit of Good Car News”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I’m glad to hear that there was a least a little bit of good news and that you guys were able to get another car so that you can manage. Hope your neck is feeling better real soon too, that sounds mighty uncomfortable.

  2. mouldfan Says:

    No problem, it likely wasn’t anything you didn’t already know. I was, however, quite serious about the personal injury claim. I know it sounds cheap and tacky, but if you are in fact injured, which it sounds like you may be, you are entitled to compensation. Talk to your attorney and keep execellent records of vistis to doctors, specialists, and chiropractors. Technically, you don’t have to decide now, (most states including CA have 3 year statute of limitations on personal injury claims) and most comptant attorneys would advise you to wait at least a while. Nevertheless, it may end up being worth the effort and it shouldn’t cost you anything out of pocket except maybe a bit of your personal time.

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