Noah’s Sub Progress, etc

Thank you so much for all of the kind comments. The past week has been a whirlwind of activity between recovering from the accident (I did go to the doctor because my neck and shoulders/upper back still hurt), preparing for Luke’s 5th birthday party this Sunday, and just the usual stuff. I did take some time last night to take a progress picture of Noah’s Sub:

I am really hoping to finish this in 2006; it is for Luke’s room. I think I can safely say I am past the 50% point now.

I have this coming Monday off work but preschool is open and I am really looking forward to the day. With Luke’s birthday party on Sunday, and attending another kid’s party AND a stitching GTG tomorrow, I think I will really need the break! I am planning to do a lot of stitching and maybe re-watch some LOTR (I can’t fit all three into the day, even if I don’t do anything else). I would really like to go hiking; I reached 110 miles on my Walk to Rivendell, but haven’t made any progress since the accident. I asked Jay if he wanted to go hiking on Monday and of course he laughed at me and said no. Oh well, at least that wasn’t a surprise. If nothing else I plan to get a decent walk in and then spend the rest of the day stitching.

We got the official word yesterday that our car has been deemed a total loss. Well we were expecting that; it would certainly cost them more to try and repair it than to total it. It’s sad, though. We’re starting to look around for a replacement vehicle; I hope we can find something reasonable.

Well, that’s the update for the week. I hope it is a good weekend for everyone; it has not been the easiest week for me but all of the kind words following the accident really helped me to get through it. Thanks again!


6 Responses to “Noah’s Sub Progress, etc”

  1. cathymk Says:

    Looks amazing Jill, this is such a huge project and you’ve come so far, Congratulations!

  2. Faith Ann Says:

    Wow, you have a lot done on Noah’s Sub… it looks great!!

    I hope Luke had a wonderful birthday party and enjoy your day off!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Your Noah’s Sub looks awesome! I’d say you are close to 2/3rd done.

    Hope you enjoy your time off. 🙂

  4. Holly Says:

    That looks great Jill! Congrats on yor progress!

  5. natty68 Says:

    Wow Jill, Noah’s Sub is coming along really well. 🙂

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