Birthdays and Legoland

So it’s been nine days since I last wrote. I have now finished all of the Harry Potter books and last night we watched the first movie. Jay doesn’t really “get” it but oh well, I should be used to that by now. Luke really enjoyed it. Having read the books, I was a little worried about him being scared by some parts. There was one point where I told him it would be scary and put my hand over his eyes and he pushed my hand away and–very disdainfully–said “Mommy, it’s only pretend, you don’t have to cover my eyes”. Kids! So I let him watch it. He didn’t thrash around at night or have any nightmares and he’s excited to see the next one tonight. I am too. 🙂

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday. I can’t believe I’m going to be 27 already. 27 sounds so much older to me than 26; I guess it’s because I consider it “late 20’s” as opposed to “mid 20’s”. I don’t have any real plans for my birthday. I’m taking Luke to his best friend’s birthday party (at Chuck E Cheese, yuck) and my mom is coming down (oh goody). She’ll be staying at the hotel at least, so that is a relief. She wanted to come down and I have a hard time saying no unless I have a good excuse. Our relationship is complicated, and I have a very hard time being around her for long periods of time, but she *is* my mother so I know I should try. Jay and I are going to go out to dinner tomorrow night and she’s going to watch Luke.

I finally went back to the gym last night for the first time in over a week. On Wednesday of last week I got stung by something-a wasp or bee or something-and I had a terrible reaction to it. It wasn’t a systemic reaction (thank goodness) but it was a “severe localized reaction” and I could barely walk. That made Legoland on Saturday very interesting (painful) but it doesn’t hurt anymore. It still itches like mad occasionally though.

As I said we went to Legoland on Saturday. My youngest brother, Michael, came down for his birthday (which was the previous weekend). He is the one who has given us his old Star Wars legos and he always enjoyed Legos. I bought season passes for myself and Luke while we were there so I got two free tickets. With the passes you get free parking and 25% off of food so it actually ends up being a reasonable excursion. My brother loved it; I’m sure a lot of 22 year olds wouldn’t, but the miniland USA is just incredible and he could appreciate the work that went into the Cape Canaveral section (among others). New York City is amazing; there is a working subway and central park, grand central station, etc. My favorite is probably San Francisco since I love the real place so much.

So I expect we’ll be going to Legoland a lot more frequently in the future. It’s a good place for Luke to go and run around, and I admit I enjoy it too.

Well, that summarizes my week I suppose. I am trying to decide now what to order from European Cross Stitch for my birthday. I’m leaning towards the kits for Mini J and Celtic Quilt but it’s subject to change. I plan to get the Medieval Town Mandala, Japanese Garden, and anything else that’s coming up soon also. I still need to live to be 300 to finish it all.


4 Responses to “Birthdays and Legoland”

  1. Faith Ann Says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day… and I hope the visit with your mom goes well. {{{hugs}}}

  2. Christine Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jill!! I totally agree with you about 27 seeming to have more significance and I think it’s because it is your late twenties. I’ve got a few months until mine!

  3. Rani Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jill! I hope it got better after Chuck E. Cheese! That is no way to spend your bday. 😉

  4. Melissa Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    27 wasn’t so bad. It’s almost 29 that is crappy!

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