Movies, Movies

I haven’t had a lot to write about lately. I guess I’ve been busy working, stitching, and trying to get back on the damn diet/exercise thing. I have seen some movies lately though, and so I thought I’d write about that. When I was pregnant with Luke, Jay and I used to go see movies all the time. At least once a week. Of course this was five years ago now; movies were a lot less expensive. I also still had a student ID since I had just graduated from college and a ticket was just $5.75. That sure has changed; we took Luke to his first movie over the weekend and a “bargain matinee” ticket was $6.50 and a children’s ticket was $6. We won’t even go see a movie in the evening anymore; I am NOT paying $9 for general admission when I can wait a few months and watch it at home on my fancy tv with the ability to pause and stitch.

So, Luke went to his friend’s house two weekends ago and Jay and I went to see Wedding Crashers. It was entertaining. I like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, so I enjoyed it. Some parts were just dumb, but overall it was fun. This past Sunday Jay and I took Luke to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’d have rather his first movie had been something like Madagascar, but it wasn’t showing anymore. Oh well. I think he may have been a bit scared at times but he seemed to really enjoy it. He kept looking over at me and smiling and he was so good and quiet the whole time. During his bath that night he was acting things out with his toys. I was stitching in the bathroom so I was listening more than watching, but I heard “Willy Wonka” and “chocolate waterfall” at different points.

Last night after Luke was in bed we decided to watch Thirteen since it was on HBO On Demand. Wow, that was a dark movie. How terrifying it is to be a parent and imagine your child going down such a path. I hope and pray that I will raise my son well and that he will be a strong person able to avoid peer pressure and its potentially devastating consequences.

Well, this is a moderately short entry but it’s something at least. Back to work!


One Response to “Movies, Movies”

  1. Christine Says:

    We saw Wedding Crashers on Sunday night and agree that it was really funny! I liked how not a lot of the plot was given away in the previews. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn make a great team!

    $9 for a movie in the evening isn’t too bad…it’s $14CDN here! Fortunately I can get passes for about half that cost from my motor association. I also get free passes when I get enough points on my MasterCard.

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