Getting Ready For Vacation (#2)

I haven’t had a lot to say lately. I am keeping busy at work and I’ve been pretty busy at home and socially. Luke has been spending a tremendous amount of time at the pool; in fact I will be taking him to his swim lesson this afternoon and another on Friday. His instructor was out of town last week but we’ve been to the pool frequently; I bet she’ll be surprised to see his progress (he will actually put his head under at the deep end while holding on to the wall, and at the shallow end he’ll let go). We still have a long way to go before he is actually “swimming”, but it’s a start.

We leave for San Francisco/Bodega Bay this weekend. We’ll be in San Francisco at Jay’s best friend’s place Saturday night and when they go to play golf on Sunday I’ll be heading over to Rani’s for the afternoon. I am really looking forward to the trip (and have even found a Starbucks within a couple miles from her house…).

We’ll be driving up to Bodega Bay late Sunday afternoon where we’ll be spending the week with my dad’s side of the family (my 89 year old grandmother and various aunts/uncles/cousins). Despite my issues with my father, I do enjoy spending time with him (he’ll be there also) and the extended family on his side is just awesome. My uncle Mike will be coming down from Washington and he’ll be bringing the sailboat that he designed and built about 4-5 years ago. It is a classic turn of the century boat and is incredibly gorgeous. We went to Huntington Lake when Luke was ~7 months old and I took him out on the boat. Every year they generally do a camping trip, but after the week in the tent last year my grandmother has decided to take it a little easier. As much as I love camping (and I do!) I am relieved that we’ll be in a house this year. Jay does NOT camp, so this will be the first year that he’ll be going on the summer trip. I’m so happy that I won’t have to drive (except Sunday to Rani’s).

Since I will have a large amount of time in the car, I will be bringing my leprosy bandage crochet project (I may be up to 9 inches now…), Mystery 8, and Mini Mystery I. I really want to get back to Alpine Garden also, but I want to catch up on Mystery 8 first (or at least finish parts 4 and 5).

I have gotten sucked into Big Brother this year again (I blame it on DH since he is the one that started watching it during the second season). It is such a train wreck (to quote Rani, who nailed it with that comment). I am really looking forward to the next Amazing Race as I far prefer that show. I don’t know that I would watch BB if it wasn’t on during the summer when there is little else to watch. I know I wouldn’t be watching it if I didn’t stitch.

Well, I have to leave early to take Luke to the pool so I should finish what I was doing. I’ll try to post another entry before I head out of town (or maybe I’ll write one while I’m in Bodega Bay; I’ve already found a place with internet access there).


One Response to “Getting Ready For Vacation (#2)”

  1. Melissa Says:

    WTG Luke! That is amazing swimming progress! You must be so proud!

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