Busy Week

I kept meaning to blog throughout the week but time got away from me somehow. It’s now Friday afternoon and I’m waiting to hear back from my best friend from high school (Maya) who is on her way down to visit this weekend. She and her husband are coming to visit; it should be a lot of fun. They are planning to buy a home so I’ll bet a weekend away from the stress will be good for them!

I finally have my own office at work again, complete with a nice work/lab area in the back. It’s so nice to not have to completely dismantle my test setup if I need to solder something. Now I’ll have to find something new to complain about. It’s been a good week at work; I found and fixed a problem in the firmware that I “inherited” and I am really starting to get the hang of this whole designing thing.

I have made it to the gym three times this week so far. I ran on Wednesday night and I was so sore Thursday but I went to kickboxing anyway. It’s so easy to be lazy and skip the gym, but I always feel remarkably better when I go.

Last night I got sucked in to “Empire Falls” on HBO. It was good (but sad) but it kept us up until 12:30am. We set the DVR to tape the second half and then stayed up and watched it anyway. I really don’t feel much more tired than normal though; maybe I will always be tired regardless of how much sleep I get. I don’t know.

Stitching news-I pulled Noah’s Sub back out a couple nights ago. I’m maybe 40% done and would like to finish it this year. Of course I want to finish a lot of things this year and I know it won’t all happen. We’re going to Bodega Bay for a week at the end of the month so I need to settle on a travel project.

We’ll be staying in a vacation house on the bay this year instead of the annual camping trip. My dad’s side of the family goes on a camping trip every year. Last year we spent a week at Wright’s Lake (well, I went with Luke and my dad for 3 or 4 days only, but most of the rest of them were there for a week) near Tahoe. It was a tiny alpine lake at 7000′ and was beautiful and serene. My grandmother is 88 now though and, though she slept for the week in her tent last year (she rocks!!) it is getting harder on her to go camping. So, since this year’s trip will be in a house, Jay is going to go too. We’re going to spend the night in San Francisco with his best friend on the way up. I like San Francisco; it’s one of my favorite cities (as long as I don’t have to drive, especially in my little stick shift car). I’m hoping to get together with some friends from the stitching bb’s while I’m there (Jay will probably be playing golf). Rani, I’ll e-mail you soon to work out details!

Well, that’s about it. Have a happy 4th (or Canada day or weekend) everyone!


One Response to “Busy Week”

  1. Rani Says:

    Sounds great, Jill! Have a wonderful 4th. =)–>

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