Miscellaneous Weekend Post

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I thought we were out of the woods last night and then I ended up sleeping in Luke’s room and woke up at 2:45am to him throwing up *in my hair*. Most unpleasant! He seems fine today, but I am keeping him as mellow as possible. We borrowed Star Wars episodes 1 and 2 from a co-worker of mine, so he’s watching tv right now. I try not to let him watch too much tv, but if it keeps him still for awhile so his body can recover, I am okay with that! But my goodness, I am so sick of doing laundry.

On the stitching front I finished some things recently. When I try to insert pictures here it screws up my formatting (I need to change the sizing in my template soon) so in the meantime here are a couple links:

Dr. Seuss piece for Luke’s room and Truswell’s Winters Reflections.

I’m working on Mini Mystery H (halfway done) and Taj Mahal Garden right now. Despite the fact that I spent most of my day yesterday cleaning the house, I did get a fair bit of stitching done recently.

We leave next Saturday for our trip to Myrtle Beach, and I just found out two days ago that Jay’s oldest sister’s kids are going to be there. I am so disappointed. If it was just the girl it would be fine; she’s real nice and just a little younger than I am (Jay being older than I and the fourth of five kids). The boy, however, is trouble. He always brings a bunch of people with him and they are drunk and stoned the whole time. Jay made it very clear to his parents that if they’re using drugs in the house then they are GONE. It complicates sleeping arrangements because both of them are bringing someone, but it will work out in the end. (Don’t worry Melissa; Jay assures me that we’ll still have room for you and U, and there are two unused rooms at the house where his parents will be. I’ll e-mail you this week to work out details.) Last year they weren’t there and it was such a peaceful time in the house.

Oh yes, and there was an earthquake this morning about 50 miles (or so) away from here. It was a 5.6 so it woke me up (I don’t usually get to sleep in past 8, but with the 3am ordeal I couldn’t force myself to wake up yet). Luke was awake playing in the living room and I realized to my chagrine that it’s been such a long time since we’ve had an earthquake that I hadn’t taught him what to do in one.

Well, I think I’ll take advantage of Luke’s downtime and stitch some. The kittens have discovered the computer (they like to chase the cursor) and Abby is sniffing around on the desk. It makes it difficult to type when you have kittens trying to attack the screen!


2 Responses to “Miscellaneous Weekend Post”

  1. pattiblaine Says:

    (((Jill))) Vomit in hair. Been there, done that. Hope he’s over this soonest!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great finsihes!!! I hope Luke feels better!! – KariA1

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