Home Today…

Luke threw up in my car last night and continued to throw up throughout the night, so I have been home with him today. The (dis?)advantage to having a flexible job is that I am the one who gets sick duty the majority of the time. Oh well. I did bring some work home but I have not accomplished much. I borrowed Episodes 1 and 2 (Star Wars) from a co-worker so I let him watch those today. At least it kept him still so he could get some rest, even if he wouldn’t sleep.

Not much else is really going on right now. I’m very worried about getting the stomach flu this time since last year he was sick just before our trip to Myrtle Beach (annual in-law trip) and I got it too and it was horrible. We leave a week from tomorrow. I can’t believe the trip is only a week away!

Well, I need to move the laundry and try to get some work done. The kittens have been sleeping for quite awhile; they should be up and about soon. All three of them slept with Luke last night. It was really sweet since he was sick; two were curled up on his pillow and the other one was at his feet. Well hopefully I won’t end up with the flu this year; there is just too much to do in the coming week.


3 Responses to “Home Today…”

  1. Rani Says:

    Jill, sorry to hear Luke is so sick. 😦 I pray you don’t get it! Very sweet that all three kittens slept with him last night.

  2. Faith Ann Says:

    It sounds like you have my luck…I’ve been sick on soooo many vacations! I hope you miss this bug and that Luke is feeling better.

  3. SueStitcher Says:

    I pray too that you don’t get it.

    You know, I just had a student throw up in my classroom yesterday. This is about the fifth time it’s happened this year, and I’ve never gotten it once. I doubt you’ll get it! 🙂

    Hope he’s feeling better.

    Take care!

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