Star Wars, Episode 3

I have a friend who I used to see most weekends who has become particularly flaky this year. In the last two months we’ve seen each other twice, and had tentative plans to do something the last two weekends but she heads out of town with her new rock climbing friends, not calling until Sunday evening. It’s been really frustrating, and I’ve been trying to be nice about it because I know she’s had a rough couple of years. Anyway, when she called this past Sunday apologizing for another “disappearing act”, she offered to come watch Luke this week so Jay and I could go see a movie. We hadn’t seen Revenge of the Sith yet, so we took her up on it and went last night.

When I picked up Luke from preschool yesterday he and two friends wanted to climb on “the rock” (it’s a giant rock in the parking lot that really lends itself to climbing). So I chatted with the two other parents for a bit. Both of them had taken their boys (ages 4 and 5, respectively) to see the movie in the theater. The one with the 4 year old hadn’t seen it ahead of time, either. I have to say I am completely shocked. I know that Luke is completely enamored with Star Wars, but after all I’d heard about it, there was no WAY I’d take him to see it, especially without watching it myself first. I’m not super conservative, nor do I try to shield my child from everything; in fact he’s seen episodes 2, 4, 5, and 6, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I just think this last one was too graphic for a 4 year old to be watching. Now, when it is out on DVD I can see skipping the gruesome parts I guess, but I am just stunned that his best friend’s mom took her son to see it. He comes over to our house a lot and he is always starting things, is a little bit more violent, etc.

Oh well; I know I’m not the perfect parent either. It just really surprised me that she would take him to see it without having it seen it herself first.

It was nice to get out for the evening for a change; I can count the number of movies I’ve seen in the theater since Luke has been born on both hands and when I was pregnant we saw movies nearly every weekend. It has gotten a bit more expensive since then, though! I think for the most part we will be waiting for the DVD’s to come out from now on. The movie sure was depressing, but I was expecting it at least. I am glad I saw the movie since I have seen all the others (numerous times), but it was painful to watch.


2 Responses to “Star Wars, Episode 3”

  1. Not me Says:

    I will take DS to see a movie without seeing it myself, if I have read some reviews indicating that it seems reasonably safe to see. But, I had read that Revenge of the Sith was a dark film, so I didn’t want to take DS to see it without previewing it.

    After watching it, I’m glad that I didn’t bring him. It is definitely unsuitable for a 5 year old.

    I’m sorry about your flaking friend, but glad that she followed through and baby sat for you!

  2. Mindy Says:

    I just saw it this past weekend. I liked it very much, but I agree about a young child not seeing it. There were some very gruesome parts — the part where you see why Vader had to wear that suit comes to mind. Very sad.

    Of course, half the time when I go to rated-R movies in the theater there are some small children there. I don’t get that. Sometimes it’s a scary movie and the kids are freaking out but nothing is done. It’s not fair to moviegoers and it’s especially not fair to the kids who don’t understand what’s going on.

    Sorry, hit a sore spot with me 🙂

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