I Found My Dream Home…

Too bad it’s two years too early: It’s Perfect! Jay wants to live closer to the beach and I want a backyard that is big enough for a play structure for Luke. This house is perfect. If all of our other debts were paid off right now we could buy it. Sigh. Well knowing this is out there gives me hope that we can reach a reasonable compromise. It is very unlikely that we’ll be able to buy this one, but maybe there will be another one like it when we’re ready. Hmm, maybe if we went with an interest only loan to get our feet in the door…the potential for that kind of loan to backfire is so great though. I guess I’ll just keep dreaming.


3 Responses to “I Found My Dream Home…”

  1. Faith Ann Says:

    Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful!! I have no idea why they refer to it as a retirement home…it looks like a beautiful family home to me. Obviously a young family lives there now.

    Oh, and, wow, real estate is expensive in your area!!

  2. Christine Says:

    Wow, that house is stunning!! Would it cause you great pain if I told you a house like that would probably go for about $250,000 CDN where I live? (Granted there’s no beach!)

    Just out of curiosity…what would the taxes on a place like that be?

  3. Not me Says:

    Gorgeous house!

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