Mother’s Day, etc

So Mother’s Day was Sunday; not that it was different from any other day. I don’t expect Jay to really do anything since I’m not his mother and all, but since Luke is only 4 it would be nice if he would help Luke to do something. Oh well. He did stay home with him Monday when he was sick so I didn’t have to miss work. Of course he was off and all he missed was golf (he did golf Tuesday) but still it was nice to not have to use my vacation time to take care of a sick kid. I have enough accrued now for our week in Myrtle Beach next month, finally.

I have decided to re-join “The Wagon” until my birthday in August. I have spent too much money on myself lately and I really need to concentrate on paying off our bills so we can afford a “real” house. In addition to not buying any stitching items (except my pre-defined exceptions of the Mini Mystery I kit and the Celtic Quilt part C group) I am planning to not buy clothes or any unnecessary items either. The exception to that is that when I reach 135 pounds (I’m at 143.5 right now) I can buy myself a couple outfits of nice workout clothes.

I went to the gym last night and I’m planning to go tonight and tomorrow too. I took Monday off; in addition to Luke being sick I decided that two weeks in a row of almost vomiting on the elliptical (thanks to Fear Factor’s dreaded stunt #2) were enough. I try not to watch but since I can’t read on the elliptical there are only so many other places to look besides straight ahead. By the time I would have gone Monday it was just after 8, and I didn’t really want to go any later.

So in stitching news I am almost done with my dreaded Dr. Seuss piece for Luke’s room. I don’t know what I’ll work on next; it will probably be back to Mystery 8 and Alpine.

Still no kittens yet. Soon though, I hope!

Well that’s it. Hopefully blogger will let me post this…


2 Responses to “Mother’s Day, etc”

  1. Faith Ann Says:

    I hope you get good news about kittens soon…I can’t imagine any 4-year old being patient waiting for a new pet!

    Anyway, I’ve tagged you…you’re it! See my blog for a list…

  2. Melissa Says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

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