About the Ipod…

Thanks Melissa for your kind offer to take the shuffle off my hands, but I have not yet given up hope that I can get it working. πŸ™‚

Annette I will probably send you a note next week if I’m still having trouble. My brother is coming down this weekend and he built his own computer so I’m hoping he can help me troubleshoot this problem. When I went up to visit last weekend his computer acknowledged the shuffle’s existence so maybe he can help. He refused to put itunes on his machine though, and I didn’t have my CD’s there to compile a playlist anyway. I’ve meant to get my playlist ready to go this week for when it does eventually work, but I haven’t gotten to it. I’ll be sure and post something if/when it decides to cooperate. It is so cute and little and perfect for running; I so want it to work!! Unfortunately we don’t have a Mac; I have a friend with one and that will be my last resort since it will be a hassle.

On a sad note, it looks like we will be euthanizing our cat, Willie, this afternoon. He is 11 and has a fibrosarcoma. It was diagnosed in November and to be honest I didn’t think he’d make it much past January. He is huge, 26 pounds, and we think that the fat made it difficult for the tumor to grow inside. It ended up growing out to the surface and broke through the skin a few weeks ago. He now has a gaping hole on his side and is clearly suffering. 😦 Jay is devastated; the two of them have an unnatural bond and it is going to be *ugly*. Prayers and good thoughts would be most welcome.

Well, that about sums it up for today. I did go to the turbo kickboxing class yesterday for the 5th consecutive week. I love that class; the instructor is *amazing*. I’m not even sore today, so I must be getting in shape (albeit slowly). I’m hoping I can get some running in this weekend but Jay has to work all weekend and my brother will be here. It should be a decent weekend though, and if the shuffle will start working I will be ecstatic. Have a nice weekend, everyone.


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