Nothing Much

I haven’t had much to say lately I suppose. I went “home” (though it doesn’t feel like home anymore) last weekend. I took Luke to the Day Out With Thomas in Fillmore and he had a wonderful time. I then went to see my best friend, Maya, in a production of Fiddler on the Roof. It was amazing! She was Zeitel; I was not familiar with the play so I didn’t realize that it was a pretty major part. The actor that played Tevye was amazing and should be doing much more prominent plays/parts than a role at the Camarillo Community Theater.

I’ve felt somewhat melancholy lately. It isn’t anything particular; I just think that seeing friends from high school and visiting my family has put me in the past a little bit. I have come to the realization that not even time can heal all wounds. There are some that just cut too deep, and though time can push them from your mind and make them more of a dull ache rather than a stabbing pain, well, it cannot eradicate them completely. I know in a couple weeks I will have pushed it back to the deepest recesses of my mind again, to remain there until some other time.

Ah, well. That can’t be helped. Life happens, and I guess we all grow from our experiences even if some of them are heart wrenching. On a more positive note I have had some minor success with exercising. I have gone to the gym almost every day the last couple weeks (except during the weekend when I was out of town). I am now able to run/walk 2.25 miles in 30 minutes as of last night, up from 2 miles last week. It’s small progress, but it is progress anyway. The first mile only took 12:40, down from 14:00. My eventual goal is to be able to run 2-5 miles without stopping and one mile in under ten minutes.

On a very frustrating note, I won an ipod shuffle which I cannot for the life of me get to work. I am not an idiot nor am I technologically challenged; I’m an engineer for goodness sake. My computer refuses to interact with it, or rather I should say computerS since I have tried my home machine and my work machine. Nothing. I am at my wits end and trying to decide what to do with it. It was such a neat concept, but if it doesn’t work with my computer it’s pretty darn useless. I have searched the web and apparently the shuffle is rife with problems. Well it was a prize that I won at the conference I attended in March, so at least I didn’t pay money for it. Boy would I have been pissed if I had.

I guess that sums up the last week or so. I’m off to listen to some sad music from the mid-90’s and wallow in my past sorrows for another day or two before I force myself back to the present.


2 Responses to “Nothing Much”

  1. Annette Says:

    I’m sorry you’re having “shuffle” issues as I love mine! Of course, I only use it with DH’s Mac laptop, so I’m not tempting fate hooking it up to my PC.

    If you aren’t too fed up, send me a note and *maybe* I can help (or DH)…

  2. Melissa Says:

    Have you contacted Apple? Maybe you should just give it to me…

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