Back on Track

I am so pleased; I have been to the gym the last two nights. I have only been doing cardio and abs, but that’s mostly because it is still early enough in the year for the weight machines to be too crowded. Well getting some cardio in is better than nothing, right?

I have started keeping track of weight watchers points again. I don’t follow it completely, but it is helpful to know what foods are “worth”, if you will. My co-worker brought back these chocolate caramel macadamia bits of heaven, and I calculated that one candy is worth 2 ww points. So I ate one with my coffee, but I plan to exercise some restraint. 2 points is okay, as long as it doesn’t become 2+2+2+etc.

We went to the California Pizza Kitchen last night. I had a cup of the tortilla soup and a half waldorf salad. I think it is my most favorite salad ever. It was a reasonably healthy meal, especially since I went to the gym afterwards.

I have a real problem though, and that is that I HATE to cook. I really do hate it. I know we eat out way too much; it’s much easier to justify now that DH and I both work full time. Neither of us want to cook when we get home at the end of the day. I know we need to force ourselves; I’m trying to plan meals ahead of time but just haven’t gotten the hang of it. DH is no help with this. I am really good about making healthy choices when I eat out; I could probably lose weight just as easily that way, but we waste so much money by going out. Ugh. I am going to *try* to go to the store at lunch so we can start eating in again.

I guess that’s about it here; nothing too exciting is going on right now. Work is much improved lately; some things are finally starting to work, which is wonderful. I may do a 5K MS walk with some friends in April; I just need to find out if DH can watch Luke so I won’t have to find a sitter or something. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


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