Diet and Exercise

We are back from our trip to Mammoth and (mostly) in one piece. Jay ran into me (ouch!!) and then proceeded to run into a tree, I was very sore, and Luke still won’t ski. But it was still a pretty good trip. There was soooo much snow; I have never seen so much snow. I am determined to get in shape this year so I can successfully ski down blue runs next year. I do well on the green runs; I can even do parallel turns now. Something happens when I get on a blue run though; I just freak out about going fast. There is a place here in San Diego that does indoor lessons on a carpeted slope, so we’ll try those as next season gets closer.

I have made a dismal discovery now that I have a reliable scale again: I have gained back 6.5 pounds of what I lost last year. The reading yesterday morning was 145.5. In January of 2004 I decided it was time to lose the 30 extra pounds I still had from my pregnancy (literally eating for two, and therefore gaining 60 pounds whilst pregnant, is baaaadddd). I was starting at a depressing 160. Bear in mind I am 5’3″; 160 was a lot for my height.

Well, I started going to the gym again and exercising about 5 times a week, in addition to eating healthier. I mainly cut out refined/processed foods and simple carbs. By the end of last year I was down to 139 and over 2/3 of the way to my initial goal of 130. Since then I have been lazy and started eating poorly again, and the weight is creeping back on. My ten year high school reunion is next year and I am NOT going to be overweight!! I bought a lot of new clothes last year and my size 8 jeans are awfully tight today and I am NOT okay with that.

So starting today, I am back on track. My eating thus far has not been great, but neither has it been terrible. I will get to the grocery store in the next day or two and start bringing healthy snacks to work and planning healthier meals again. I hate to cut into my stitching time, but I have to return to my regular exercise schedule. I may decide at 130 that another 5-10 pounds would be doable.

I know that my weight is in my power to control at this point; I am in decent health and just need to develop some willpower. Wish me luck…


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