I finished Something!

I am writing tonight from the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown San Francisco. I’m here this week for the Embedded System Conference. The next three days will be filled with training classes and the exhibition. It’s the first time I’ve gone somewhere leaving Luke with Jay. They did go to North Carolina a week early one year but they were with Jay’s parents so they weren’t alone. On the one hand of course I miss my boy; I am hardly ever away from him except during the work day, and I really hope that he is okay with this! On the other hand, the thought of three nights in a hotel room all to myself is really exciting. I will get to eat my meals while they’re still hot/fresh and I will be able to sleep undisturbed (barring some sort of natural disaster, of course!).

So that’s what I’m up to this week. I’ll probably have more time to blog than I usually do. Anyway, I have finished something!! I finished Mirabilia’s Cottage Garden Fairy on Sunday morning. I’m so excited!! I am not yet sure how to add a picture directly, but here is the link anyway:
I stitched this on 32 count belfast Sun Dappled Glade from Sugar Maple Fabrics. I tried to use the specified Mill Hill beads, but they did not fit on the 32 count hand-dyed so I gave up and converted the beads to Delicas. Unfortunately I did it using bead images online and didn’t wait until my sample cards arrived, so some of the colors could have had better matches. Oh well; I am happy with it overall and am definitely going to be converting to Delicas from now on.

Well, I think I’m going to enjoy a little stitching time and then try to get to bed early. Tomorrow is a busy day!


3 Responses to “I finished Something!”

  1. Christine Says:

    Congrats on finishing CGF, Jill! She’s beautiful. I hope you enjoy your conference and the 3 nights of peace and quiet in the hotel!

  2. Rani Says:

    Jill, enjoy your quiet time! I do love being able to eat a hot meal and not have to rush through it when the kids are spending time with their grandparents. 😀 Sorry I couldn’t work out some time to meet you this week. Working fulltime and having a dh with opposite working hours doesn’t make it easy to find time to run up to SF. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine! You picked a good week to travel up here. lol ~calstitcher

  3. Faith Ann Says:

    I already commented on one of the BBs, but your CGF looks fantastic Jill!

    Enjoy your time away…I haven’t left my son with DH yet either, but I know the day will come someday and they’ll be fine. (Even if I secretly hope that they’ll realize how much they need me.) I’ll think of you when I’m eating my cold dinner this evening.–>

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