Reality and Televisions

A lot of my fellow stitchers are rejecting reality today as a result of the usual February yuckiness that occurs on the various BB’s. I certainly can appreciate that. I hate it when people leave the BB’s; I love that there are people on the stitching boards that can be so very different but at least have stitching in common. I hate seeing turmoil and problems and though I often get curious about what is going on at some point or another, deep down I prefer to be ignorant. Not knowing what has happened doesn’t shield you from the outcome though. Even if I don’t know the details, I still know that people I care about aren’t there anymore and it just plain sucks.

So I’m on board with the rejecting reality thing, with the exception of my new television. I’ll keep that part of my reality, thanks! DH and I bought a 32″ Aquos LCD TV over the weekend and it is absolutely divine. Of course it was largely used this weekend to view Nascar, golf, and college basketball. I got about 30 minutes with it and LOTR though and I’m looking forward to more…

With a few exceptions I’m actually pretty happy with my reality. I would of course like to be fabulously wealthy so I could leisurely travel the world and stitch whatever I wanted. But aside from the online strife and deluge of rain, February wasn’t so bad for me. I’m finally conquering my anxiety without medication and life is pretty good. Now if I could just solve a couple design problems at work then things would really be great.

I sure am hoping that the end of the month brings some peace to the online stitching community. Yes everyone has differences, and never will everyone agree on an issue (especially those controversial ones) but let’s try to focus on what brought us together, what we have in common: stitching. I have a goal this year: I will sincerely try to not post anything that will hurt someone else. I will try to only be kind and constructive. It’s easy to say things online that one wouldn’t say in person; there is a certain inherent level of detachment.

So that’s my take on reality. This time next week I’ll be getting ready to go to San Francisco for four days for a wonderful business trip. I can’t wait! I’ll keep that part of reality too!


One Response to “Reality and Televisions”

  1. Faith Ann Says:

    Your new TV sounds awesome! I’d love to have a new TV…but I don’t think it’s in the plans for a while.

    I’m usually ignorant of what caused the turmoil on the BBs too. We’re probably better off.

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