What a Rainy Three Day Weekend

Normally I love having three day weekends. While I did still prefer having yesterday off over working, it was the third consecutive day that I was home with Luke. I picked the absolute rainiest part of yesterday to go to the grocery store with said 4 year old. Of course half an hour after we got home it cleared up for a little while. According to the news last night we have had more rain this year than Seattle. Seattle!! Hello, this is San Diego. I don’t mind rain so much, but I don’t pay three times what is a reasonable cost of living to have *weather*.

It was on okay weekend, rain aside. Luke was going crazy by yesterday, begging to go to the playground (which we did not do, I mean really, everything was soaked!). So we played with his new Play-Doh kitchen for several hours. I don’t think my floors will ever be truly free of Play-Doh.

I did pick out yarn for the CAL on the Wagon (CAL = Crochet-A-Long). I even managed to whip up the first four squares but I’ll have to re-do the second one. My tension on the Half Double Crochet is pitiful.

Well the delivery man called from the furniture store; my new Entertainment Center will be arriving at my home in half an hour. Yay!! Time to head home and clean out the living room somewhat.


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