I am a Bead Snob

This already came up at the Wagon today, so it seems like a reasonable thing about which to blog. Last night I started beading Cottage Garden Fairy. I was so excited to have the stitching done and finally begin beading…until I actually started beading. CGF calls for Mill Hill beads, which I have since decided I hate. I’ve used them before, but not so many so close together on 32 count hand-dyed (and therefore smaller than 32) linen. I like to put my beads on with a full x so that they sit straight up and down as opposed to slanted. There wasn’t enough room to attach the Mill Hills like that, so they are stitched on with a single /. And they *still* don’t really fit.

I got fed up today and decided to try my best at a Delica conversion using pictures and a conversion list online. I don’t know how close the colors will be, but I should know in a few days (I hope) when my very first order from Fire Mountain Gems arrives. I picked 2-3 colors for some of the ones that didn’t have a clear conversion. I really hope they work out!

We don’t have any big plans this weekend. It’s a three day weekend so I think I’ll start working on part 2 of Mystery 8 since I’ll be waiting for beads. I’m planning to do a very thorough house cleaning this weekend: bathrooms, vacuuming, kitchen, everything. I hate cleaning but I hate having a dirty home too. I bought an entertainment center for the living room a few weeks ago and it will be delivered Tuesday. I can’t wait!! We’ve had all of our videos, etc in boxes on the living room floor for a year and a half now.

I think we’re going to go to Mammoth at the end of March after all. I’m going to San Francisco on business the 7th-10th otherwise we’d go sooner. I’m really looking forward to skiing again now that I’ve finally had a good experience and it looks like the kid class is really good. It had better be for what they’re charging!

If anyone is reading this I hope you have a lovely weekend. 🙂


One Response to “I am a Bead Snob”

  1. Terri Says:

    On your trashy skiing adventure. DS snowboards where you guys were. He agrees, it’s unbelievable the trash left behind. The main problem, is it’s kids that are mostly up there, and they’ve not been raised proper, plus the parking lot “crew” are mostly tweakers. He has a couple of friends that live/work up there in a couple of the ski places and he practically lives up there on the weekends. He said it’s really entertaining up there.

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