Just Another Wednesday

I finally got the blogrolling thing worked out. I haven’t added everyone to it yet but it’s a start. I remember when various people on the cross stitch bb’s would start a blog and then post about spending hours fiddling with it. I have to be honest, I didn’t get it then. I do now! And I haven’t even done anything particular to really personalize mine yet. Like I *really* needed something else to distract me.

Since stitching is what got me into the blogging world, I think it’s appropriate to write a little bit about my stitching. My mom taught me how to cross stitch when I was 10. We have a complicated relationship, but needlework at least is one thing we have in common. She makes the most gorgeous quilts; that’s something I’d like to pick up someday. Well, I stitching here and there throughout high school, but didn’t stitch much in college until the summer before my senior year. I found a little LNS here in San Diego: Stitchcraft Store. I discovered the joy of stitching on linen and quickly learned that there were other fibers out there besides DMC. I sure was hooked. When I got pregnant with Luke the following spring I really started stitching with a vengeance. It took awhile before I started posting on any of the bb’s but I lurked for quite awhile and was awed by the online stitching community. I never knew that this hobby that I loved had such depth to it.

I currently stitch 1-3 hours each evening; 1 if I go to the gym (like last night), 3 if it’s not a gym night. I even have a website with my stitching photos, though I really need to add some updated wip pics for several of them. Here is the link if anyone is interested: http://www.stitchers-gallery.com/jill/ I have a couple more nights of stitching on Mirabilia’s Cottage Garden Fairy and then I’ll be ready to add beads. I can’t wait to finish it! Last year I started adding more wips and my finishing suffered dramatically. I really do want to finish everything I’ve started (and start everything I own) but there are just so many beautiful patterns out there and not enough time!

Well at least I’ve found a little niche where there are people who understand. As an engineer most of my co-workers are male and they absolutely do not “get” stitching. They all know that it’s an integral part of me, and smile and nod, but it’s not something I can talk about much IRL. I remember talking to one of my co-workers as I was finishing the beading on Mystery VI (Chatelaine). He asked if I glued the beads on. Horror!!


2 Responses to “Just Another Wednesday”

  1. Faith Ann Says:

    I bet some of my co-workers would assume the beads were glued on too LOL

  2. Christine Says:

    My DBF is an engineer as well (I’m materials, he’s electrical) and since we’ve been dating, he’s caught on to the stitching stuff pretty quick! He even helped me when I miscounted once, lol! I told him he’d probably be great at it, but he said he’ll leave it to me. 🙂

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